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Our Outdoor Rustic Farmhouse Bench, the perfect addition to your outdoor socializing area for creating cherished memories with your loved ones. With its classic farmhouse style, this bench provides a cozy and inviting space for outdoor relaxation, conversations, and gatherings.

Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this bench is built to withstand the elements and maintain its beauty for years to come. The rustic wooden surface and elegantly turned legs give it a timeless look that will never go out of style. It’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family.

Made from weather-resistant materials, this bench is durable and sturdy, capable of supporting the weight of several people at once. Its classic design makes it versatile enough to fit into any outdoor decor, from modern to traditional.

For those who want to add their own personal touch, we also offer an unpainted bench option. This allows you to paint the bench to match your unique style and taste, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Bring a touch of warmth and character to your outdoor socializing area, and order your Outdoor Rustic Farmhouse Bench today.

Bench Sizes:

  • 1 seater: W- 40 cm; L- 50 cm
  • 2 seater: W- 40 cm; L- 95 cm
  • 3 seater: W- 40 cm; L- 140 cm
  • 4 seater: W- 40 cm; L- 185 cm

1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater, 4 seater

Choose your color

Dual color, Vintage Pine, Vintage White, Clear (Natural), Raw (No coating)


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